Sunday, June 28, 2009

more to come

i have more pictures to post from May - Brooklyn's birthday etc

Stay tuned

Mother's Day Pictures

For Mother's Day Don took the girls to get their pictures taken in their beautiful Easter Dresses. I guess they went a little too close to nap time - Ava was not 100% cooperative!
Pretty girls
Beautiful!!! She looks so graceful

Ava - refusing to participate! I love this picture! Such a personality!

Graduation Party!

Let me preface this post by saying without Aunt Kathy and Naliea we would have very few pictures! I was just enjoying visiting with everyone so much - I didn't take many pictures.
We had a great time! We had the party at a Q's a bbq joint here in Carson. It was awesome! Lots of food and lots of family. I thank everyone who came to help put a dent in all of the food. The cake with the party theme
Ava eating cake
Rick, Gma Abbie and Deidra (taken by Naliea)

Uncle Carl and Ava
Don and Ava
The original picture Don's graduation party 1988
Uncle Carl, Don and Aunt Kathy

The remake 2009 Don, Ava, Uncle Carl and Aunt Kathy

The original 1988 Don being an older brother

The remake Don, Jeff and Ella

Me cutting the cake - also on the table was a collage of Don's high school graduation pictures

Jase being a cutie
Lorelei and Jase

Ava and Evan

Me - taken by Naliea
Grandma Abbie and Deidra - by Aunt Kathy

Steve - by Aunt Kathy

Steve and Sean - by Aunt Kathy

Sean and Amanda - by Aunt Kathy

Lori, Ryan and Jase - Aunt Kathy

Ella, Jeff, Evan and Julie - Aunt Kathy
Don, Ava, Brooklyn and Me - again - taken by Aunt Kathy

Don's Graduation 5-9-09

Terrible picture! This is him I promise - he was moving fast and we were in the nose bleeds

Don again

Pam modeling her new dress

Brooklyn took these in the hallway while we were waiting for him to come out

Jase and Lorelei

Kevin, Penelope, Rach and Abbie

Don and the girls

Doesn't he look cute!

The professional picture! I am so proud of him! It took 21 years to complete but he did it. He had a great turn out to cheer him on he is so thankful to have such awesome family.