Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Olympic thoughts and observations

Until we went to San Fransisco this week for Ava's Dr. appt our family has been glued to the TV watching the Olympics. OK maybe not GLUED but they were on A LOT!!

I started watching opening ceremonies trying to decide which countries and races I wanted my girls to marry into. I am medium/light olive complexion. My girls ....mmmm not so much. So we need to increase the Brown factor. I have a special place in my heart for brown people...tee hee ok enough of that. So I have decided that Brooklyn needs to marry someone of Armenian, Italian, Greek, Spanish (from Spain folks), Middle Eastern, Thai, any island really. She thinks that I am crazy. She thinks she likes blonde hair and blue eyes. I keep telling her that she's wrong! We only have 15 more years! As far as Ava goes we will need to wait to see what her complexion turns out like, but most likely she will need to marry someone of a more exotic backround so the brown gets turned back up in our blood line.

* Observation * Does Crest not export their Crest White Strips over seas? Why are we the only country with pretty white teeth? I wanted to hurl every time I saw a toothy smile that looked like they just took a bite out of a block of butter.

* Did you know power walking was an Olympic sport!?? And the trampoline too? Actually the trampoline was pretty fun to watch.

I feel so badly for the loosers of hostile countries. You know if and American, Canadian or Britain lost their event they would go home disappointed and maybe beat themselves up over it the rest of their lives, but they would go on to live a happy and productive life other wise. I feel so badly for some of the other countries like, China & N Korea just to name a few, who you know once they got home would be given the Uday and Qusay treatment. * that was a reference to the torture that the Hussein brothers used to bestow on losing teams.* Any way it makes me sorry for them.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ava's Pictures!

Poor Ava! I finally got around to doing her 6 and 9 month pictures ....just she is 10 months old! I love her teeth in this one * I ordered this one
Look at how cute she is!
* ordered this one

I LOVE this one! Didn't order it though

* ordered this one too

I had to keep putting the head band back on her after every picture. And we went without shoes because then she would only have one thing to rip off during the pictures!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nantucket Weekend GIVEAWAY!!!!

Nantucket Weekend GIVEAWAY!!!!

I love this blog! Check it out! She makes clothes for her girls and then raffels one of the outfits off.
I want to win!! : )

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Shortly after I finished posting today I talked to My Realtor who I work with all the time....She deals in higher end stuff - ya know?

Yeah - Ok just talked to Holly, who is a Realtor in Vegas, any way she sent me a ton of listings down there....and it could very well be a big possibility us moving back down there.
We can get a newer house with a pool!! We have chosen a few that we wouldn't mind taking a closer look at!!

SO WE ARE THINKING ABOUT SELLING OUR CARSON CITY HOUSE!!!!!! ANY TAKERS??? We are thinking about listing it for a bargain price of 225,000!!!! Come on you know you want it?!?!
And then we will just have to find a job transfer for the Man and we are good to go!

32 weeks never looked so good

This one is just funny

Looks cumfy doesn't it?

Lori is 32 weeks pregnant in these pictures. I am putting these up for Shannon!

Unlikely beauty

So as you know I like to keep my birds fed...in case of Armageddon...tee hee I know we have several families of well fed quails ready for the eating! HEE HEE any way - We have been watching some stuff growing where I toss the bird seed and as they grew taller and taller and taller we began to notice they were sun flowers! In my hippier days sun flowers were my favorite flowers. They still make me feel young and whimsical. I like having them around - they are just a happy flower to me. Any way they are growing up by where we park the garbage cans so it makes them even prettier to me.


We are having a Cucumber Beetle infestation!

I am known for my tendency to exaggerate but seriously they are every where. A couple of weekends ago we killed like 10 in the house....oh and these little bastages fly! UGH!

Don sprayed the outside and around the door jams and windows really good and they started dying by the hundreds. It is so disgusting!

All of the black dots are dead beetles!


I find myself asking myself this question often. Sometimes, more then others.
Why the heck do we still live in this town - is usually what follows the why. I have the list of the standard answers that I recite to myself to get me through the questions.
You wonder why I have these questions? Well for starters I have no family here and no real friends that I can depend on in a pinch.
For example Friday after we picked Brooklyn up from the airport in Reno we went to Mimi's for lunch. When we tried to leave my car wouldn't start. And so we tried to call thew two people we have here and couldn't get a hold of either...groovy! These are the people I have on my emergency contacts for the girls school/day care stuff doesn't inspire too much confidence when I can't get a hold of them in an emergency why would the school? Ya know? So we called a few cab companies that AAA referred us to and it was going to be about $100.00 to get home, as the tow truck can only fit 2 people, finally Don got a hold of our neighbor Bill and he was able to come and pick us up. Then my car started - we got it home - and then it didn't start again. So it is at the dealership now and will be looked at Monday.
So during that experience I was thinking - WHY??? If we lived closer to my friends and family I would have been able to call Holly, Becky or Linda and I know they would have been there instantly.
The other why usually comes with that we have an unusual housing market here. With the Carson City Valley being so limited on land there was very little growth during the BOOM that California and Vegas had. So when looking into houses we can afford we get something that was built in 1960-1980 and needs tons of work. You can actually get a better deal on a home in Turlock, Modesto or even Vegas right now because you can almost get a brand new home for what we can afford.
The last one is that I hate my ward. mmmm I don't always hate it - but they are weird here.
Like where else would someone, who I know and knows I am a Realtor, interrupt a conversation I was having with a new family about the real estate market here and say, "Oh, I have a great agent I work with all of the time...." Looks at me "She deals in the higher end stuff." Argh? Really. The major problems with our ward are these #1 we have so few young families moving in to the ward and so you are almost friend blocked by someone - like as if the other desperate people in the ward call "TAG MY FRIEND!!" #2 is that no matter what I do or say with the old folks who have been in the ward for eons I am not April. Duh, right? This town is too small and most of the people still haven't given me a fair shake. To many of them I will always be "April Abbie's Husband's New Wife" that quote was and is by far still my favorite introduction that I had from someone at church.
The answers
- Don's kids are here. Don's family lives close by. We can't afford to sell our house and stay in Carson City area. We would have to move were we could get more house for the money. We can't leave the state until Don gets his pension like 11 years. And I want our next move to be the last or the next to last move we make. And I know that if we can just stick it out here until we are both finished with school then we would be better off financially....oh the many factors. Also - I don't MIND Carson City. I actually like the area. I love the mountains and I love the trees and I love the green and snow. I don't want to leave Carson City - we may just have to wait for all of the old timers to die off before I am accepted. HAAHAA :) And besides I really hate Las Vegas when we go down there... in the summer during the monsoons I hate that it gets to 116 with 50% humidity. I hate that I have branded myself and Brooklyn with the seat belt buckle. I hate the smog, the traffic etc etc etc. Why can't everyone just move up here? That is the best plan yet!!
Oh OK I am done now. I have made myself laugh and have snapped out of my bad mood for the moment.