Saturday, March 21, 2009

Celebrating my successes

So I have been really buckling down on my diet and weight loss regime for the last few months.
I have been through my Dr to a nutritionist and to a weight loss clinic. I have stayed on a 1200 calorie a day diet for a while, it starts that you feel like you are starving, but then you get used to it. Then I was on the next phase of liquid meal replacement for several weeks, although I did allow myself to eat dinner with my family, now I am back to 6 small meals through out the day, and one or two is a meal replacement shake. Our meals have become less fattening through this process so it's better for the family.

I have been losing weight but not at the speed that I was hoping for, now that I have my thyroid in check, I thought that the pounds would just fly off.
So I was complaining to my Dr and his nurse about it the slow progress and they told me that I am too uptight. I need to celebrate my successes and not worry so much about the scale.
Before my hernia surgery I was burning at least 600 calories 4 days a week at the gym plus weights, I gave myself 6 days to recover from surgery and have been back to the gym since Monday, although I am taking it much slower then normal and am not permitted to do the weights just yet, I am burning avg 300-500 calories a day, just depends on my endurance for the day.

So - my successes to date:
I finally weigh what I did when Ava was conceived (still a lot to weigh)
Since Jan. 16, 09 I have lost 27 pounds
This week I wore pants that I haven't worn since 2006, before Ava was conceived, they are still muffin toppy but that's ok. I still have a muffin top
I have lost 10 inches over my body - from Jan. 12 - Feb. 28th - I haven't measured for March yet.
People who see me say my face looks thinner, Rita said it is starting to look like I crapped my pants, it is a compliment from her, trust me.

My doc says I am too neurotic, I have to allow myself to be happy for what I have done so far you can't keep your goal constantly out of reach. I guess that is why Weight Watchers must work for so many people because they get the constant raw raw raw stuff from each other. I find it annoying personally.

I want to be down 20 more pounds by the time we go to Vegas, I am not sure that my family will notice a 27 lb weight loss, I guess it depends on when they saw me last and how fat I was then. But I am pretty sure they would notice a 47lb weight loss. They will all notice now - since I am posting this! Ha Ha

So this is my RAW RAW RAW moment for myself! I think that I will do these from time to time to buoy myself up.

Just did my March measurements: 8 1/2 down for March which is 18 1/2 inches total since Jan. 16th


I need to throw some pictures up here. I haven't been so Johnny on the spot with the camera lately.

I will update soon