Wednesday, October 14, 2009



Yeah that's me! In a nine west brand jeans - size 12! (I had some help in the lycra dept getting these zipped up)

Yep and that's my behind too! Brooklyn said I still have "pointy things" on my thighs. yes dear, thank Grandma Chrissy for those saddle bags.

Still have a ways to go. I haven't been able to get to the gym since the end of July because of this back thing. So I am frustrated with my weight loss - but I haven't gained any weight. I am at just above 90lbs. And know that if I was able to do any cardio or weights I could be down at least 100 - but oh well. About the back I am going to have to have the discectomy - I have a disc that it herniated so badly between my l4 -l5 that it is pressing the peripheral nerve against the spinal column above. So it feels like I have a charlie horse from my left buttock to my calf - on a good day. So the Dr. will be cutting that part of the disc off and then clearing the disc between l5-s1 out as it is pressing on my sciatic. Fun stuff - don't be jealous! On a bad day it feels like a charlie horse on fire. I am going to try to wait until Christmas break, I can't afford to miss my chemistry class. Cholesterol update - it went up again. The only reason that makes sense as to why it goes up is that my parents passed down some crappy cholesterol gene. It is still in the 170's so nothing to worry about. And I just resized my wedding rings down to a 6.

So luckily I had a friend who was between a size 8 -14 in the year after she had twins give me a bunch of handmedowns- see the entire outfit above - so these levis can rest peacefully in the goodwill bag!facebook officially killed my blog. sorry - i post pictures of the girls there - I will post some of the kids - eventually to my blog

Not flattering at all - comic relief only

So I held on to this pair of Levi's from when I wasn't so fat. I put them on last Saturday. And they are hideous! Super high waisted! And Super tapered at the legs! So tapered in the ankle that they bunch around my shoes. And super baggy through the hips. Sick sick sick.

Not very flattering at all! I know! Thankfully for my friend Nina - I have a bunch of clothes ranging from size 8-14 so I can officially retire these lesbian mom jeans to the good will

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fat Facts - July Edition

Me Now
Me last June

Lets not forget November

May 2009

July 2009

July 2009

Here are the fat facts for July 2009. Since my journey began in January 2009 and as of yesterday's date - 7/14/2009 I have lost 71 lbs! Despite no fewer then 4 plateaus i have still lost 9 inches around my belly button, 7 1/2 around my bust, 10 inches in my hips, 8 inches on the muffin top (not the same measurement as the belly button) I keep a bunch of random measurements totalling 43inches over all!!! I am down at least 3 pants sizes, could be 4 I wouldn't buy new clothes at my heaviest. I am still flabby and very cheesey - I can't seem to tone my utters up or my arm flab or the cheese on my thighs. I spoke w/ a plastic surgeon he said that I would be a good candidate for surgery after I have lost 100lbs for at least 1 year. (for every 100lbs you lose you have aprox 10lbs excess skin) It will be costly but I think worth it - not too far away from that 100 lb mark, I may get there by September after all. I don't want to stop at 100lbs though just my first goal. To be at the low end of what Mr. BMI says is "normal" I would need to get down to 107lbs, that's less then what Holly weighed when she was anorexic! I said I am going to get there just to say I was there since Jr. High. If my body won't let me I will get down as low as my body will let me go. And go from there.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I have a riddle that I can't seem to figure out. I need help understanding.

I had my blood work done a year ago - before I started to lose ANY weight at all
and this was my results as far as cholesterol goes:

Cholesterol: 173
Triglycerides: 134
HDL: 36
LDL: 110
Normal is
Cholesterol: 100-199
Tri: 0-149
HDL (good cholesterol): 40-59
LDL (bad cholesterol): 0-99
So I was a little high in the LDL and a little low in the HDL. SOOO I work out, I lose 60+ pounds (more now) but 60 when I had my labs re-done, and here are my results.
Cholesterol: 179
Tri: 89
HDL: 35
LDL: 126
So my question is how can this be? How can my over all cholesterol go up, my good cholesterol get lower and my bad cholesterol get higher? I am doing EXACTLY what I am supposed to do! My numbers were better when I was sitting on my butt eating Bon Bons. Why? Why? Why? Pray tell! I know that my current numbers aren't that bad - but I am stressed. I am re-doing the labs in a few months so I am hoping that there is an improvement, but in the mean time why did they get worse?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

more to come

i have more pictures to post from May - Brooklyn's birthday etc

Stay tuned

Mother's Day Pictures

For Mother's Day Don took the girls to get their pictures taken in their beautiful Easter Dresses. I guess they went a little too close to nap time - Ava was not 100% cooperative!
Pretty girls
Beautiful!!! She looks so graceful

Ava - refusing to participate! I love this picture! Such a personality!

Graduation Party!

Let me preface this post by saying without Aunt Kathy and Naliea we would have very few pictures! I was just enjoying visiting with everyone so much - I didn't take many pictures.
We had a great time! We had the party at a Q's a bbq joint here in Carson. It was awesome! Lots of food and lots of family. I thank everyone who came to help put a dent in all of the food. The cake with the party theme
Ava eating cake
Rick, Gma Abbie and Deidra (taken by Naliea)

Uncle Carl and Ava
Don and Ava
The original picture Don's graduation party 1988
Uncle Carl, Don and Aunt Kathy

The remake 2009 Don, Ava, Uncle Carl and Aunt Kathy

The original 1988 Don being an older brother

The remake Don, Jeff and Ella

Me cutting the cake - also on the table was a collage of Don's high school graduation pictures

Jase being a cutie
Lorelei and Jase

Ava and Evan

Me - taken by Naliea
Grandma Abbie and Deidra - by Aunt Kathy

Steve - by Aunt Kathy

Steve and Sean - by Aunt Kathy

Sean and Amanda - by Aunt Kathy

Lori, Ryan and Jase - Aunt Kathy

Ella, Jeff, Evan and Julie - Aunt Kathy
Don, Ava, Brooklyn and Me - again - taken by Aunt Kathy

Don's Graduation 5-9-09

Terrible picture! This is him I promise - he was moving fast and we were in the nose bleeds

Don again

Pam modeling her new dress

Brooklyn took these in the hallway while we were waiting for him to come out

Jase and Lorelei

Kevin, Penelope, Rach and Abbie

Don and the girls

Doesn't he look cute!

The professional picture! I am so proud of him! It took 21 years to complete but he did it. He had a great turn out to cheer him on he is so thankful to have such awesome family.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Brooklyn - Pudding Face, Suessical the Musical and Crazy Hair Day

So, about a week ago I made banana pudding and chocolate pudding and mixed them, Brooklyn thought it was so gross - I told her just to try it - she wouldn't so I had her by the arm and was trying to get her to taste it - she wouldn't - so I tackled her to the ground and made her eat it.

It was in her hair - everywhere! She ended up liking it though
She was in Suessical the Musical last Friday for her school. She LOVES a reason to dress up - she dressed up like Dr. Suess. She looked very cute!

There were 3 different plays - her group were the more advanced and she did so good! They all did really - i loved all the singing and dancing

Brooklyn loves any reason to dress up. She is a crazy hair day freak! Always wanting to perfect last year's masterpiece. I braided her hair last night in 25 braids -
Looks pretty like this

Alas it won't last long
I teased the crap out of it - It took an hour and twenty minutes to tease and hair spray it.
Then comes the color..... Blue with orange polka dots!!

She loved it!! She was 5 minutes late for school, so she had to check in at the office to get a tardy pass - the office ladies loved it!! She got her picture taken again for the end of the year slide show. They all asked me if it was a wig. That is her favorite compliment on crazy hair day - is to ask her if it's a wig.

She had to slouch it was rubbing the ceiling of the car

will be posting pics of Don's graduation next