Monday, September 13, 2010

fat update

I haven't done a fat update in a while. The reason is, because there hasn't been much of a change. I need to do some more pics so I can compare myself.
If you see me and say, "you look great" and I say "oh gee...thanks" I am not digging for more compliments. I really don't know how to feel yet in this body. I still feel fat - the fat I have left is still proportioned the same as it was before - so my stomach is still flabb-a-licious, my thighs still cheesey.

I am not going to knock my success either - I look HOT with clothes on! haha

So here are some numbers for you - effective this morning.

Since I started this journey Jan. 2009 - I have lost 117 lbs. only 10 since March buuut I have been dealing w/ my back too.

I have lost 18 inches around my belly button.
17 in my bust - I love that I can see the bones of my upper sternum/ribcage area. (yeah I am a nursing student and I can't remember what it's called)
7 inches - per thigh
4 per arm
15 inches in my hips - i wish they would go down another 15! : )
and at least 15 across my muffin top - that was a measurement that i didn't start from the beginning.

I am excited to fly to Chicago Friday, I am flying there to drive back with Stacie. She is coming here for Don's birthday. But the last time I flew to Chicago I was at my fattest and was wearing compression pantyhose underneath my spanx just to get my hips skinny enough that I wouldn't be over flowing into the seats next to me.
When, already when I flew to Vegas last August(09) to be with Linda I didn't have that problem.

About my Chicago trip. It should be fun. I will be there Friday night, we are leaving early Sat. am, driving to North Platte, NE. Sunday we will arrive in Salt Lake City, and Monday back here! Should be pretty awesome! Stacie will get to see me all kinds of medicated sitting for that long! : )