Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thyroid update

I met with the endocrinologist last week. I did my thyroid blood panel. The usual blood work plus a few others to test antibodies? The idea is to see if these antibodies are present.
If they are in normal range the thyroid problem, in my case could have been perhaps temporary, Post Partum Thyroiditis. And if they were present but in an above normal range it would mean that my body has and Autoimmune disorder, in other words my body would fight against its self.
My usual thyroid number is getting higher, so that is good, the synthetic thyroid pill is working.
My Thyroid Peroxidase (the antibody) number normal range is 0-34 ml. Mine came out to be a wee bit high...mine is 699! That's like 1800% higher then it should be.
So this means that I have Hashimoto's Disease. It is an Autoimmune disorder, my immune system has been attacking and destroying my thyroid for years now.
So nothing to be worried about, I haven't spoken with my Dr. yet, he will call me hopefully Wednesday, we will see how that goes! I know I will be taking the Synthroid for the rest of my life to supplement for no longer having a thyroid gland - but I wonder if my 699 number will ever go down? I am such a numbers person. So Google Hashimoto's Disease if you have questions - I don't have answers. I know it is not life threatening and in the grand scheme of life it is no big deal!

Thankful to be poor

A weird thing to be thankful for, ey? Well as many have said before me that money changes people - and I too would like to test that theory. However until my Dad wins the lotto - I say Dad because he buys tickets - ewww and assuming he shares the wealth - I will have to be thankful for being poor.

For August that means that things will be especially tight. We have Don's truck registration due, our trip next trip to San Fransisco, school starts for Brooklyn and for me. Then the first of September for Labor Day we will be going to Hurricane to visit my family for peach days/family reunion! WOO HOO. This also means we are poor because our mortgage is paid. If we had left over money that would mean most likely that we had forgotten to pay the mortgage.
We are blessed. Our poor is some one else's rich. That is a lot to be thankful for.

Friday, July 25, 2008

I am done for the day!

I just finished blogging for the day!
Have fun reading all of my new posts!


If you want an Army of Ton shirt they are $10.00 if I order it for you and $20.00 if you order it through the website - plus shipping.

Soccer Camp and Randomness

Brooklyn had soccer camp last week. It wasn't nearly as traumatic as last years. She never came home crying. However on about the 3rd day she said that during their lunch break all the kids were talking about what their parents did for a living she said that her dad used to work with "mentally retarded people" and now works with troubled kids. And this boy kept teasing her by saying, "Retarded like your, dad, sister etc etc" so I said did you say yeah now he works with delinquents like you? Brooklyn: "No, I just threw my soccer ball at his head and told him to stop talking about my family." She drilled him in the head with the ball! At one point I wanted to laugh - cause she is such a tough cookie - but on the other hand I had to say "try and use your words next time."
To all of my single friends....Hello these coaches are from the UK and they are not married...and they are young...why aren't you visiting me every summer?
Her team and the coach
She and Coach Dan
Ava after her bath all wrapped up.

Brooklyn is the BEST big sister in the world! Giving Ava laundry basket rides around the house.

Ava loves to be in the laundry basket. It is pretty funny. She just dives in head first! She has no fear!

Reno is Art Town!!

Every July the City of Reno sponsors Reno Is ArtTown. There is an abundance of fun and sometimes free stuff to do in dowtown Reno. Brooklyn was part of a dance crew formed by Miss Carson City - who went on to win Miss Nevada after the dance. It was the biggest crowd Brooklyn has been able to dance in front of. It was an awesome out door setting in an ampitheatre by the Truckee River. For those from Vegas it is like Spring Mountain Ranch a bit. We brought blankets and dinner and it was so enjoyable. Before the show. I have the usual "posing" pictures of Brooklyn.

Ava sucking a soda can before the show with Rita and Bailey
Cindee, Athena and Brooklyn
Bella, Cindee, Aria, Athena and Brooklyn... Miss Carson City is behind Bella
More poses - reminds me of Holly when she was little. "Take a picture of me like this"

Getting ready to go on stage

Ava loving the clapping
Daddy and Brooklyn
Mommy and Brooklyn

4th of July

4th of July Baby!

Yeah, I gave her a red vine...I was trying to by some time
Look at the sticky mess!

And I also gave her my soda can to chew on!! I am winning big mommy points huh??

Don's brother Jeff and his family came into town for the 4th of July weekend. They really love going to Tahoe for the fireworks. Usually so do we. This year Don and I decided to stay closer to home with the baby since Brooklyn was in Utah with my parents.
We tried to go to the park and sit and relax and eat snacks but right about the time the fireworks were going to start Ava started fussing up a storm. So we left. We saw the fireworks as we walked back to the car. Hey - at least we beat the rush to leave right?

Lorelei is Growing!!

I took these pictures the 4th of July. So as far as pregnant pictures go - they are out dated already. She is about 27 weeks along in these?? Feeling frumpy - dumpy
Now she's happy!

I am very bored today!

Keep reading! I am posting like crazy today.

I am doing floor time at Century 21. And the phones have yet to ring.

This time I came prepared with my memory card full of pictures to post!

Princess Naliea

Ricky had come over to mow the lawn for us, beacause Don's foot was too sore and swollen from his surgery. I dug out this old Belle dress of Brooklyn's and Naliea just loved it! Naliea on the old back yard swing.

Checking out the flowers on her new Belle dress

Me and Naliea
Naliea and Ava

Ava's Reluctant Nap

This child could be one of the world's most stubborn kids!! She will cry and scream and shake her crib and jump up and down....just protesting to all hell! I saw that she had finally fallen asleep - she looks like she had finally just given up and plopped over!
She heard the camera and remembered what was that she was doing.

Brooklyn's Hand

Brooklyn's hand is healing up nicely. The blisters began popping in SF. It has since completely healed. I don't think she will even have a scar when it is finished.

Mom and Dad's Carson City Visit & Last Football Game

My dad was scoping out my neighbor's bass boat while we played outside. My mom is trying to Ava to smile.
Ava - still not smiling! smile
Brooklyn's impression of Ava
Ava playing with Grandma in the grass
Playing on the blanket
Brooklyn getting ready for a throw
Leaving the huddle
This is right before her "big play" but she ran right by me so all I have of her running passed is her butt... I wasn't ready!

Grandpa and Ava
Ava's flower crown
Hating her flower crown
Grandma fixing it

My parents met us here in Carson City before driving over to San Fransisco.

They were able to make it to Brooklyn's last football game of the season. She was so happy to have them cheering for her. She played very well and they even passed the ball to her a couple of times. She made 3 very good plays. She is awesome! And as the usual for Brooklyn, she was the only girl the last 4 games.

My mom made Ava a "hippy flower crown" which she didn't like - AT all. I wish I remembered how to make those. My mom used to try and teach us while we were at the park watching my brother's baseball games.