Sunday, February 15, 2009


Just an overview of what we have been up to.
School started back for me after MLK day. I have a full load of classes. I enjoy school. I like feeling like I am doing something productive. All of my classes are Tuesday and Thursday. I have homework hours Monday and Wednesday, I didn't have enough daycare hours with just the 2 days of school. I actually have been using my homework hours A LOT! I only have to take 1 math for my major and I am doing good in it so far I have a 93% but we are only 1/4 of the way through. I am also in Eng 1o2 - my teacher is out there and I have a Core Humanities class.
Back to my math teacher - he is tall and handsome and young oh yeah....and a math genius. I wish I had any friends I could set him up with! ahhaha sucks for the friends I don't have here.

Ava is doing great! She is talking and talking and talking. She has figured out that she can get on top of any surface she wants to if she pushes a dining chair to that surface she can get on top of the counters and the table. I have begun to put the chairs upside down when we aren't using them. She is just getting the cutest and funnest personality. When it's nigh nigh time she has to say goodnight to all of the pictures on our entertainment center, Grandma and Grandpa, Lexa and Riley and Baby Jase and Naliea, Mario and Evan. I mean everyone. It is funny. I am so thankful for her. When I threw out my back last wednesday I was just bending over to give her some snacks and I fell instantly to the floor. As I was crying out for help she brought me the phone, my cell phone, the remote control, she even was able to move the dowel in the kitchen sliding glass door, she was moving it to bang it on the floor - but made it possible for someone to get into the house!

Brooklyn's schedule is keeping me busy as usual! I made the mistake of telling her if it is a school activity she could do it! So Monday she has band and then sign language club after school, then indoor soccer practice after school. Tuesday she has basketball games, (soccer and basketball only overlap for one more month) Wednesday she has yearbook at 7:30am then the same schedule as Monday. Thursday she has math club after school. Friday she has Thinking Cap at 7:15am, they are an academic debate team. The math club and academic were programs that she had to get invited to participate in. I am thrilled that she is so active - I just wish she had her own car! ahahaha maybe in Jr. High her activities will slow down a bit as she figures out what her passions are.

Don is still busy! His schedule doesn't change much. He is getting closer and closer to graduation and I can't wait! He will start applying for jobs in May. We are praying that our house sells by then. We would rather rent for a few months and be out from underneath this house so we have no ties that bind us here. He is actually the one pressing hard for Vegas. I love him so much.
I am not one to gush. I am so thankful for him. He is determined and caring and thoughtful. He really is the perfect man and you all should be jealous! haha

So i will be posting pictures soon --hopefully by tomorrow


So, seriously, I am selling our house. I have listed it on Zillow and on Craigslist. We may consider doing a lease to buy type situation with the right person. We aren't asking a lot for the house. I am asking $199,000. Please --- if you know anyone who is interested and can qualify please have them contact me. We have completely remodeled the kitchen, custom cherry wood cabinets and pergo flooring. Bathrooms have been completely remodeled also, sure we have projects that we are still working on but will not have time to finish.

Next Sunday, Feb 22nd we will be having a family fast and prayer meeting that we will be able to get out from under our house so that when Don gets the job offer in May we won't have the house worry then. Please alert the presses!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pray it works out!

Last Wednesday I had a horrible back spasm. It knocked me to the floor, I couldn't move. I cried and cried and Ava cried with me. I texted everyone I know here in this God forsaken town and heard from no one. I could not feel my right leg and my toes were increasingly numb. I seriously thought I would have suffered major nerve damage and loose feeling in my feet (yes dramatic - but I was scared!) I have a long history of sciatica, but this was by far the worst it has ever been. Don came rushing home from work to find me almost 2 hours lying in the same spot. Every move or twitch I would make would make my back spasm even more and I would cry more. Ava was so sweet, she brought me my cell phone, the home phone and even the remote control. I was in the middle of the kitchen floor so the remote did me no good. Don was able to get a hold of Amanda (Sean's wife) and she came to take Ava for a ride and pick Brooklyn up from school. We called an ambulance, as I could not even stand. The ER here sucks. They just kept giving me Demerol and all kinds of narcotics. I just wanted a muscle relaxer to stop the spasms in my lower back. I was permanently stuck on my left side. It was horrible. I am more mobile today, and feeling slightly better. My "AHA" moment came as I lie crying to myself and to Ava that I could honestly lie her until 8:30 when Don was supposed to get home from work. No one had answered my pleas for help. I need to be home. I need to be back in Vegas. Where I can count on people. For crying out loud I was on the floor for 2 hours! My Mom and Dad could have made it to Vegas from Hurricane in that amount of time. So we are house shopping for Vegas right now. Hoping that by the time Don graduates College in May we should have a job offer by June and be out of this town in June. We are prequalled for 200k which, right now buys you a hell of a lot in Vegas !!! We need to come up w/ 3% and closing costs by then. And we need to figure out what we are going to do with this house. I put it up on Craigslist, trying to sell it only for what we owe on it - we are also willing to rent to buy to the right person. If you know anyone who wants to rent or buy in Carson please send them our way, we have done a ton of work to this house, there are a few projects that need to be done, but we are working on them - nah...not really! I am done with Projects on this house! hahaha Great first time home - great investment property!!! Please pray that our plans work out. I need my family and friends again!

Monday, February 9, 2009

# 257

This week I have encountered reason # 257 why I hate Carson City, oh but well, who's counting anymore.
It really sucks when your "best friends" and even some family know what your vocation is and how you make a living and still choose to employ others to list their homes and take them to see new homes. Oh, well C'este la vie. Makes it easier to leave this place.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Since this has been so fun to read for everyone else – I followed the rules and some of my answers are HYSTERICAL – You can’t make this stuff up!

1. Put Your iTunes on Shuffle.2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.3. You must write down the name of the song no matter how silly it sounds!
If someone says "Is this ok?" you say? When I See You Smile – Bad English
How would you describe yourself? Lose Yourself – Eminem
What do you like in a guy/girl? Smooth Criminal – Alien Ant Farm – That’s why I love him!
How do you feel today? Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynrd - I must be missing family?What is your life’s purpose? Gold Digger – Kayne West – Hahahahahahaa True Nuf True Nuf
What is your motto? Doin’ Just Fine – Boyz II Men – See I am a glass half full kinda girl
What do your friends think of you? Da Butt – EU --hahahahahahhahaha Yes, Yes this is nothing new!
What do you think of your parents? Beyond the Sea – Bobby Darin - They live to far away!
What do you think about very often? Sunny Day – Deana Carter – I actually like the rain we have been getting – but I would love a tan!
What is 2 + 2? – Imagine _ John Lennon – I must be feeling pretty introspective
What do you think of your best friend? Defying Gravity – Wicked – MAY WE NEVER SAG!!!
What do you think of the person you like? Rock Me Tonite – Billy Squier – He will be glad to hear this!
What is your life story? I Can’t Believe That You’re in Love With Me – Billie Holiday – Ah, how sweet.
What do you want to be when you grow up? God Only Know- Beach Boys – Aint that the truth?!?!? My Ipod is like the stinking magic 8 ball!
What do you think of when you see the person you like? My Immortal - Evanescence
What will you dance to at your wedding? Girls, Girls, Girls – Jay Z – HAHAHAHAHA Can you imagine dancing to Jay – Z in the church ?
What will they play at your funeral? Black Man’s Struggle – LudacrisHahahaahaaa no comment
What is your hobby/interest? I wanna Talk About Me - Toby Keith - - hahaaha aha You can't make this up! This is again, true
What is your biggest fear? Knockin Boots – Candyman - no comment
What is your biggest secret? Centerfold – The J. Geils Band - Umm, Yeah…about that….
What do you think of your friends? Evolution – Korn - Always changing
What will you post this as? Hero – Enrique Iglesias

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Random Things about me

I posted these on Facebook, but this is for those of you who still don't have a Facebook! I tag anyone who wants to do it

1. I have never eaten a McDonalds Hamburger, Hot Dog or bologna

2. My bedroom growing up was "pepto pink” Pink is still one of my favorite colors

3. Mauve is my least favorite color - it makes me want to gag

4. I am not afraid of needles, shots, giving blood - good thing since I had to do fsh shots in the stomach!

5. Girls Camp 1995 5th year hike we went on a 30 mile back pack - on one leg of the hike we swam in a stream and then hung our bras in the tent to dry - well when I woke up there was a BAT hanging in my bra. The men with us had to inspect my bra and then cut the bats teeth out of the lace! I think it was Kristy Kleinman’s Dad and Heather Clove’s Dad?

I broke my arm in the 1st grade having a jump out of the swing contest w/ my brother….I lost …but that’s when I met Greta we both had broken arms – I think hers may have been a wrist

My top 10 things on my ‘bucket list’ are sporting events – I celebrate Super Bowl, Stanley Cup Playoffs and The World Series like holidays!

The remaining 90 have to do with traveling. After Ava’s in college I want to buy a big RV and just drive all over Country.

I used to think my Dad made us go to Disneyland to torture us. We went 1-2 times a year and we wanted to go to Magic Mountain…no such luck.

I like Disneyland now – it’s different when you have kids and you don’t go all of the time.

I broke my leg while volunteering for the Special Olympics Winter Games near Tahoe – WALKING! Then called myself a retard multiple times before I realized where I was.

I had to have said leg operated on – but made the Dr. wait a week because we had a Disneyland Vacation to get to. I spent Disneyland in a wheel chair – not a bad deal through fantasy land.

I sometimes pretend that I don’t speak English to avoid talking to people.

I had crazy anger issues from the ages of , oh….9-17 and I am totally embarrassed to talk to people who knew me then – so yeah this facebook thing is good for me!

I am a good cook and baker – a crappy house keeper

I love helping people who appreciate your time and effort

I love and miss my family – all the immediate and extended and wish for a big holiday dinner

I am deathly afraid of moths and I don’t like butterflies – pretty much anything that jumps or flies I hate.

I wish all of my friends and family would realize that living in Las Vegas stinks and move up to the Greater Carson City, Reno, Sparks area!

I am allergic to Oxy pimple cream – I used it once in high school and I woke up with a swollen face.

Stephanie Englestead and I pierced our belly buttons using ice cubes and diaper pins – then my mom ripped it out New Years Eve 1994! OUCH!

I am so thankful that my horrible taste in men wore off right before I met Don. He is just the perfect Yin to my Yang

I dig old people – I love listening to stories about the good old days

I have donated my hair twice to Locks of Love

I like to sing and wish I could do it better