Sunday, June 22, 2008


Brooklyn liked this picture!
Flag football Spring 2008
Spring 2008
Science Camp crazy hair day!!! Brooklyn LIVES for crazy hair day!! She had the craziest hair of all the kids at camp!

Ava's fish face

Brooklyn liked this picture
Look at that face - ignore me - I didn't think I was in the picture!!

Since my last post

After church today I was able to lay Ava down for a nap and Brooklyn went into the kitchen to make herself some Ramen Cup o noodles and I went into my bedroom for a moment of mommy time and piece and quiet.

I heard her crying in her bathroom I ran into check on her and she was running her hand under cold water.

And she was crying hysterically. The crying was intensified every time she caught herself in the mirror - she would turn it up a notch!

Any way she had over filled her cup with water and had microwaved it for over 2 minutes and most likely wasn't paying 100% attention when she took it out and it spilled down the backside of her hand.

Any way I aloe vera'd it and then had her soak it in some ice water. When I saw the size of the blister I texted a picture to Don (he's at work) and he said he would meet me at the ER.

She is still in pain but there isn't really anything the Dr's can do for it now. They said had it been worse; ie if it had wrapped all the way around her hand she would have to be admitted. But gave us some cream and ointments.

I don't know if you can see the blister goes down her pointer and ring fingers. Pretty ugly. She pointed at it just in case you can't see it.

More May pictures

Brooklyn made a tent for Ava
Ava going into her "tent"
Ava playing peek-a-boo with Rita
Instead of napping she's reading
Daisy - Roxi's youngest
Roxi and Daisy in Fernley
Brooklyn - not being normal - big surprise!

Owen - little Fred
Daphne and Brooklyn
Harry - Roxi's #2
Trying to change Ava is like wrestling an alligator - she broke free from me and raced to the computer

Ava all cookie faced
Brooklyn and Aria right before the talent show

Pictures from May-June

Brooklyn eating and being goofy at the party
We let the kids make their own ice cream sundaes and had every topping imaginable. Aria got a little crazy!!

Dagen - being the super spaz we expect when he's invited!
Shortly after this picture was taken I had to rescue him - he was stuck upside down.
Team 1 in the dress up model contest. Aria, Athena, Kyndra and Cindee

Team 2 Brooklyn's team...Zach, Dagen, Brooklyn and Jacob (he thinks he's a model??)
The girls before the apple bob
Brooklyn doesn't mess around ....she gets in there!

Brooklyn and Penelope, Don and April's niece
Ava eating my shoelaces - the other day she chased me down in the kitchen trying to rip my flip flops off of my feet to chew them!
My group for the Virginia City field trip. I got all boys...and Brooklyn.
Ava actually happy to be in her car seat
Brooklyn in the little kid desks in the Old 4th Ward school house.

Brooklyn in Jail. Jacob and Dagen standing guard.

Naliea jumping on the tramp w Brooklyn

Don and Brooklyn with the Super Scrubber ! Ever know a man to be so happy to get cleaning supplies
Walking in the grass!
We like these angles...they make us look tall
She is so beautiful!