Friday, May 22, 2009

Brooklyn - Pudding Face, Suessical the Musical and Crazy Hair Day

So, about a week ago I made banana pudding and chocolate pudding and mixed them, Brooklyn thought it was so gross - I told her just to try it - she wouldn't so I had her by the arm and was trying to get her to taste it - she wouldn't - so I tackled her to the ground and made her eat it.

It was in her hair - everywhere! She ended up liking it though
She was in Suessical the Musical last Friday for her school. She LOVES a reason to dress up - she dressed up like Dr. Suess. She looked very cute!

There were 3 different plays - her group were the more advanced and she did so good! They all did really - i loved all the singing and dancing

Brooklyn loves any reason to dress up. She is a crazy hair day freak! Always wanting to perfect last year's masterpiece. I braided her hair last night in 25 braids -
Looks pretty like this

Alas it won't last long
I teased the crap out of it - It took an hour and twenty minutes to tease and hair spray it.
Then comes the color..... Blue with orange polka dots!!

She loved it!! She was 5 minutes late for school, so she had to check in at the office to get a tardy pass - the office ladies loved it!! She got her picture taken again for the end of the year slide show. They all asked me if it was a wig. That is her favorite compliment on crazy hair day - is to ask her if it's a wig.

She had to slouch it was rubbing the ceiling of the car

will be posting pics of Don's graduation next

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Turlock x 2

So 3 weekends ago, I guess it would be the 24th? Don and Ava went to Turlock Friday night, Brooklyn, Snoopy and I came up Saturday after Brooklyn's soccer game. Evan was having his 4th birthday and Shannon just got a house - and we haven't been up there for a few months. It was a good excuse. We had a lot of fun just hanging out. I love Shannon's house - the prices in Newman are so cheap - makes me jealous! then last weekend Don, Ava and I woke up at 5am and were on the road by 6am drove back down there to pick up Pam, Don's mom. She moved up here to live with Sean and Amanda for a while. We drove the same day - LONG DAY!!! I drove her 78 Buick Regal home - SO glad it had stopped raining by then - multiple reasons. But we are all alive and well! Evan getting excited about opening up presents

Unloading his loot - this 4 year old made out!!!


PaPa Steve, Ella and Brooklyn

Ava being a dork

Mario's storm trooper helmet was a big success

Ava trying to look inside

Mario - being funny - me being a good Aunt and giving him a Sees's peanut butter egg - and being a bad example making him do silly stuff

Shannon is going to kill me

Ava and Mario taking their own picture

Me and Mario

Ella and Shannon

Shannon's house

It is so pretty

I love these rose trees, I don't think I had ever seen rose trees before

Mario and Evan at the park

Walking down the stairs

Ava mid blink
Papa Steve - we got a lot of use from Mario's strom trooper helmet

Brooklyn and Eddie, Shannon's brother in law were playing a game of soccer in the front yard, Brooklyn got kicked in the shin, to know truly if she was faking I tried to take her picture - she wan't faking as she didn't even look up to cheese it - But Eddie did!

He looks a little to happy about it all ??? He actually felt really bad