Friday, December 23, 2011

New Year, New Adventures

We will be moving back to Henderson Jan. 1st.

We told everyone over a yr ago that Don was applying for jobs to transfer within the State. About Thanksgiving the State finally got around to offering a job on an app he submitted last Feb.

So while it does seem sudden it really isn't that sudden.

SOOO if you are interested in my new address please email me at and I will email it to you.

ALSO -- If you are in Vegas we welcome you to help us unload and unpack! :)

And if you are in Vegas to visit email me and we will catch up!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

it's back

My GAD that is. I can't seem to shake this feeling of funk and anxiety. My normal tricks haven't worked, immersed in service last week and still having the anxiety attack stuff.
I need to make time for the gym. that's it. I need it. My ass needs it.
Sources of anxiety are quite irrelevant, school is a big one, the fact that I gained 3 lbs this semester has me freakin-the-eff-out! I need to make time for myself.
Our finances are stressing me more than normal. Everything basically is stressing me out.

Anywho - if you have chatted w/ me in the last 7 weeks or so - or intend to anytime soon - just know that I am not myself. I will be fine - just need to get my head right. Only 3 more weeks of school that should help.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

a whole lotta this or that

We are busy. No shock.
Don is starting his same job new location new boss in Sparks in 2 weeks, cuts the drive from 63+ miles each way (to Fallon) to 29 miles each way. Only 7 1/2 more yrs w/ the State. He is still in the Masters program to get his MFT. He is pretty busy all the time w/ work and school. I hope being closer to home will free up some free time. Don still is looking for other jobs that may fit our family better. He has a few applications open still some in Vegas and some here, we shall see. If we are going to move to Vegas it needs to happen this summer to give Brooklyn a chance to make friends before high school. Neither choice has a solid winner, staying here in Carson has many plusses but moving to Vegas has many plusses also.

I am enrolled in 7 1/2 credits this semester, filling my final pre-req to apply to nursing school, and I will have my AA at the end of this semester also. IF I want to only get my Associates of Nursing right now I can apply this March, but if I want to go to UNR to get my BSN I have to wait to apply. I need to have my BSN - for my long term goals but don't know if it is better for me to just finish and start generating some income in the mean time. I will re-take my TEAS (nursing admission test) in March, I great in the math section scoring 100 and english and reading I did avg, but I bombed the science so I need to retake it. I honestly don't think I will have a hard time this time around. I had all of our laundry caught up last week...not so much this week.
I try to get to the gym 4 times a week sometimes I get there more sometimes not.

Brooklyn is insanely busy. She is a straight A student - her lowest grade has been 97% all year, she is taking 2 online classes in addition to the 7 at school so she can take choir and band, which means she isn't taking health and computers at school, so she has to take them online.
She is in the Honor Band for this area and ranked 3rd chair from all the jr high kids that tried out from 5 schools. She is in the marching band and the choir. Of course her plays, she just got cast as Kim in Bye Bye Birdie! It is her first big lead role. She juggles so much and still manages to stay social and pull straight A's. She still loves to read. She finished the Hunger Game series in less than 3 weeks and is not so patiently waiting for the new Maximum Ride book to come out on Valentines day.

Ava is a toot. She is so funny, she loves to sing. She has such an imagination! She loves to play pretend w/ anyone who will sit long enough to play with her. She is really starting to mellow out a bit. She is still Ava, but she is more enjoyable then she used to be.

We spent our Christmas break in Disneyland and it was soo awesome to see how magical it was for Ava. She loved it. We are thinking this summer we are going to head to Salt Lake for a few days, hit Lagoon and then head south to visit my folks and Grandma.

Should be fun.