Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fat Facts - July Edition

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July 2009

Here are the fat facts for July 2009. Since my journey began in January 2009 and as of yesterday's date - 7/14/2009 I have lost 71 lbs! Despite no fewer then 4 plateaus i have still lost 9 inches around my belly button, 7 1/2 around my bust, 10 inches in my hips, 8 inches on the muffin top (not the same measurement as the belly button) I keep a bunch of random measurements totalling 43inches over all!!! I am down at least 3 pants sizes, could be 4 I wouldn't buy new clothes at my heaviest. I am still flabby and very cheesey - I can't seem to tone my utters up or my arm flab or the cheese on my thighs. I spoke w/ a plastic surgeon he said that I would be a good candidate for surgery after I have lost 100lbs for at least 1 year. (for every 100lbs you lose you have aprox 10lbs excess skin) It will be costly but I think worth it - not too far away from that 100 lb mark, I may get there by September after all. I don't want to stop at 100lbs though just my first goal. To be at the low end of what Mr. BMI says is "normal" I would need to get down to 107lbs, that's less then what Holly weighed when she was anorexic! I said I am going to get there just to say I was there since Jr. High. If my body won't let me I will get down as low as my body will let me go. And go from there.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I have a riddle that I can't seem to figure out. I need help understanding.

I had my blood work done a year ago - before I started to lose ANY weight at all
and this was my results as far as cholesterol goes:

Cholesterol: 173
Triglycerides: 134
HDL: 36
LDL: 110
Normal is
Cholesterol: 100-199
Tri: 0-149
HDL (good cholesterol): 40-59
LDL (bad cholesterol): 0-99
So I was a little high in the LDL and a little low in the HDL. SOOO I work out, I lose 60+ pounds (more now) but 60 when I had my labs re-done, and here are my results.
Cholesterol: 179
Tri: 89
HDL: 35
LDL: 126
So my question is how can this be? How can my over all cholesterol go up, my good cholesterol get lower and my bad cholesterol get higher? I am doing EXACTLY what I am supposed to do! My numbers were better when I was sitting on my butt eating Bon Bons. Why? Why? Why? Pray tell! I know that my current numbers aren't that bad - but I am stressed. I am re-doing the labs in a few months so I am hoping that there is an improvement, but in the mean time why did they get worse?