Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I looked out Ava's window the other day and saw a squirrel out on the fence. I doubt that it is the same one...I hope it didn't find it's way back here, so the squirrel trap is back out. Grrrr

Friday, May 16, 2008

Special Fast

We are doing a special fast this Sunday.

The Governor just announced another round of budget cuts. State agencies are required to produce a minimum of 14% savings, this will almost guarantee lay offs.

Don has the years of seniority with the State but not much with the agency he is at currently. So depending on how they slice the lay off pie - we just don't know.

So I would grately appreciate extra prayers that Don's job remain safe.

Thank you all. We appreciate it.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

when did this happen?

When did I become not cool any more?

I remember shopping with my mom and having to pick out clothes for her because she was stuck in another demension. I swore I would never become that person.

I lied. I rely so heavily on other peoples opinions lately, partly because I am not Ok with my body image, but I have taken it to a new low. I have to get a new glasses and I can't decide what I want or what looks good on me so I have gone to a new all time low. I take pictures of me in the glasses and texting them to Holly, Don and Becky.

When did I become so uncool??

Gotcha...Whose laughin now??

So I have had this squirrel in our yard for a year or so. I used to love it. I thought he was cute.
Then he started digging under the houses (ours and Bill's) so last year Bill flooded his burrows and we thought that he was gone.
This spring he was back. He was just so cute and I welcomed him to stay....until I say that little craphead digging up my tulip bulbs, that I just planted, and eating them!

It was time, he had to go! I tried flooding his burrows but ending up flooding the neighbors back yard because he had dug just right into their yard. Don was sweet enough to buy me a human trap, I don't want to kill it, I just wanted to relocate him. We had the trap out in different parts of the yard for about a week. I finally put the trap in a flower bed outside my kitchen door and I watched him reach in the side and take the seeds and nuts out, he was mocking me. He would openly stare at me as he ate from the bird feeder or drank from the bird bath. I watched him stare me down with his big beady eyes and laugh at me. We decided that we would give it one more day until we had to pull out the Decon. Finally the the final day before he was going to meet his not so humane demise he got caught! YEA!!!

Don and Brooklyn took him up to the mountains and released him. No pictures were taken, because I was just too excited to get him out of my yard!



Attack of the killer baby...

Mommy and Ava

Brooklyn in the rain

Pictures from Mother's Day Dress up Luncheon

Aria caught a boot

me getting pig tails pulled by one of the not dressed up moms

Brooklyn fighting for her treasure

Mommy and Ava after a long day

Sean and Mandy at breakfast

Sean hadn't slept for like 36 hours

Brooklyn and Grandma

Lorelei, Ava and Brooklyn

Mario and I playing catch..he's a dog...oh Shannon is going to kill me for putting these up

Brooklyn tring to Pogo Stick before lessons

Do you like the shin guards from soccer, knee pads, elbow pads & helmet? Dramatic??

Pictures from football practice

Run Brooklyn!! She has the ball in this one and is going to score


Ava and Uncle Sean at Sissy Football practice

Lorelei doing to pogo stick

Lori helping Brooklyn out

Brooklyn gets it down

Naliea laughing at them

Mario and Ava

Mario, Shannon and Ava