Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Dang! Facebook really has killed my blog!


A little update on what we have been doing.

I am at a weightloss plateau. I am only 19lbs away from being my half. Half of what I was when I started to lose weight. I hope to get back to the gym this summer. Have again been sidelined due to my crappy back and my crappy galbladder!

I finished w/ school in May - another 4.0 semester. Nervously anticipating the fall, my good friend and study buddy Laura had to succome to the economy and get a job. And my other study partner Robert is taking the class in Fallon. So I don't have a study partner at this time. I am nervous because last semester I was totally having an "off" semester and they literally carried me.

My computer crashed in May and I lost all of my pictures. The only pictures I have are what I have posted on Facebook and my blog. That is a little sad.
I have friends from Bosnia who are going to be in NYC in Sept I was really hoping to be able to go visit them - but it doesn't look promising. I will be flying to Chicago in Sept to drive back to Carson w/ Stacie. She is coming out to help me for a week or so to help w/ Don's 40th birthday party. Then she is embarking on a drive from Carson to Vegas, to Phoenix, to San Antonio and then back to Chicago! Kinda glad I am only doing one leg of that!!

Don is still in school. He is getting his masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. He could make a fortune just off of friends and family! haha He works for Rural Regional Center in Fallon. We are hopeful and prayerful that he will get to transfer to Carson City soon. He has been making that 70mile drive since Oct. But at least now he has the weekends and holidays off! That is so awesome! But the Carson office is only 5 minutes and 3 miles from our house! He is turning 40 in September and due to budget concerns I have had to downsize the sit down dinner party w/ bounce house to probably a lunch or appetizer party at a local park so I don't have to rent a bounce house. Like us most of Don's family who is coming have young kiddos so I need to make sure they are entertained. Is a park party for a 40 yr old man ghetto??

Brooklyn is kicking butt and taking names!! She is awesome! A great kid! She is still doing plays through the Brewery Arts Center. They just finished A Midsummer Night's Dream. After taking the year off of soccer she is going to play in a rec league in the fall. Competitive just is too much of a time commitment for her.
She tried track and field last spring and hated it cause of the running...so I laughed my butt off when she said she wanted to try cross country in the fall! I said, you know it's all running right? No shot put in cross country. I think she changed her mind. She just scored a perfect 500/500 on the English/Reading CRT (standardized testing) and 432 on math (still above avg). We are in the process of filling out the paper work to apply to the Davidson Academy. It is a charter school for academically superior kids, they meets at the UNR campus, and once they have completed all of the required stuff for high school they go on to take college classes until their graduation date. It is an amazing school! We are prayerful that she gets in!

Ava is Ava. She is fiesty. My friend Laura said that she was like babysitting twins. Nice. She is super cute and has an amazing vocabulary. The least of which is, "WhAT??" "Because I said why not!" and she sings everything! I think that is the coolest thing about her. She sings songs that she learned at school or church or saw on Nick Jr. She will sing for hours. She love to swim and has little fear of anything!

Don and I are trying to plan a getaway this summer for the 2 of us - we need a break. but finding someone who is willing to watch Ava or close enough to watch the girls is hard to find. So we are hoping Don's mom will be able to watch the girls for a weekend in July. She is nice to have around...
As far as summer vacations go I have instituted another ban of travelling to visit families (his and mine). It's no vacation! I am tired of doing all of the traveling to see people who don't care enough to come visit us. It is a waste of a vacation day. Our next vacation will be a vacation. I do this every few years or so. I know times are tough all around but we are not exempt from that either and we still manage to make our families a priority to see. Which usually means I don't grocery shop for 2-3 weeks before and we just scrape by with what we have in the house.

The weather here has been very nice! It was a long wet winter and therefore a mild summer. Today was the hottest day so far and I don't think we broke 100. It is funny cause Don had the opportunity to transfer to Vegas, which we declined at this time until we see if Brooklyn gets into Davidson, but he was soo whiney about the heat yesterday! haha it was 96! I was dying! And he was the one that wanted to move down to Vegas! He wouldn't last a summer there!!

So find me on Facebook - I have lot of pics posted there! And if you miss us - come and visit! Where our house is small we would rearrange to accomodate you!


Ruthykins said...

i don't think a park party for a 40 yr old is ghetto. it makes the most sense.

Tara said...

Just an FYI, I can watch the girls for you if you make your getaway to SLC! :) Maybe you could just come and stay an extra couple days!